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Biomedical Lab Center, Inc - United States


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Since 2000, Biomedical Lab Center, inc. has become one of the industry's largest and most reliable marketers of new and refurbished Laboratory equipment

  • New Medical Equipment
    New Medical Equipment

    We provide a extensive series of brand new equipment for the laboratory.

    Trustworthy brand-names: Autoclaves, balances, centrifuges, conductivity, testers, freezers, furnaces, incubators, ovens, microscopes, pH, petroleum products, stomachers, titrators, viscometers, and more.
  • Used Medical Equipment
    Used Lab Equipment

    BLC has a vast inventory of reconditioned, new, and used Medical Lab Equipment with high quality.

    Save money and support the background by buying salvaged equipment for your lab. Each Medical lab Equipment laboratory is cautiously refurbished, and scrupulously tested.
  • Lab Equipment Repair Services
    Lab Equipment Repair Services

    Our fervent service people everywhere the world provide the correct Services for your specific tasks today and in the future.

    This guarantee is assembled upon current and future upright partnerships. Your self-reliance is our talent.
  • Inventiveness, speediness and the talent
    Inventiveness, speediness and the talent

    Inventiveness, speediness and the talent to modernize are the distinguishing assets of start-ups

    BLC Groundbreaking hits into these assets and trusts them with the benefits offered by a great corporation.

“Serving science and technology”

We are a leading innovator of medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world

Science research

The inquiry laboratories where the advances of the previous century were established overdue locked doors are not where the novelties of the 21st century will be conceived. Those who wish to recognize and attend the marketplaces of the future must appoint in a wholly diverse gentle of growth and teamwork that is vulnerable, different, and stretchy.


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