Abaxis Piccolo Xpress – Chemistry Analyzer

The Piccolo allows healthcare providers to perform routine multi-chemistry panels using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma. The system uses patented reagent discs that contain up to 15 chemistry tests. Care providers simply pipette the sample into the disc, insert the disc into the analyzer and results are printed or transferred to an LIS/EMR in about 12 minutes. No operator intervention is required. The Piccolo Xpress employs on-board continuous intelligent Quality Control (iQC) to monitor the analyzer, reagent reactions and sample to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in results.

Abbott Aeroset – Chemistry Analyzer

The Abbott Aeroset® System is an automated, random-access clinical chemistry system. The instrument uses a dual-pipetting system with a maximum throughput of up to 2000 tests/hour. It can be configured with up to 100 different assay files utilizing photometric and potentiometric methodologies. The potentiometric assays (Na+, K+, and Cl-) are measured using an Integrated Chip Technology™ (ICT™). The Abbott Aeroset System will process routine and STAT samples using independent Carousel and FastTrack™ Samplers.

Abbott Architect C 4000 – Chemistry Analyzer

The ARCHITECT c4000 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer demonstrates that some “big” things—for example, high-quality testing results and rapid STAT turnaround time—can come in a small package. Designed with advanced technology, the ARCHITECT c4000 enhances laboratory productivity and provides users high confidence in clinical results

Abbott Architect Ci 4100 – Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT ci4100 integrates ARCHITECT c4000 and ARCHITECT i1000SR on one platform. The ARCHITECT ci4100 helps your laboratory make a greater impact on quality health care. By integrating immunoassay and chemistry testing on a single platform along with advanced technologies like CHEMIFLEX and FlexRate, the ARCHITECT ci4100 can offer your laboratory the same robust science larger-volume labs employ

Abbott Architect C 8000 – Chemistry Analyzer

Advanced clinical chemistry technology. Consistent STAT turnaround time. Large load-up capacity. The ARCHITECT c8000 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer provides all these benefits to help you achieve excellent first-time results. With the ARCHITECT c8000, you can have speed, certainty, and confidence in your clinical results

Abbott Architect Ci 8200 – Chemistry Analyzer

By integrating the ARCHITECT c8000 with the ARCHITECT i2000SR Immunoassay Analyzer, you consolidate clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing capabilities in one platform for greater ease of use.

Abbott Architect C 16000 – Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c16000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i2000SR to consolidate clinical chemistry and immunoassay on one platform. It offers high throughput to handle heavy workloads, plus advanced technology to provide confidence in all your results

ABX/Horiba Pentra 400 – Chemistry Analyzer

The ABX Pentra 400 is an extremely compact Clinical Chemistry benchtop analyzer. Its automation and continuous loading provides enhanced productivity in a user-friendly environment

Alfa Wassermann ACE – Chemistry Analyzer

With its expanded test menu, the ACE clinical chemistry system is the comprehensive solution to the chemistry diagnostic needs in today's healthcare settings. The ACE system offers the capabilities of a large floor model analyzer in a compact bench top footprint. The low cost per test and flexibility of single and panel testing makes the ACE system an ideal fit in a variety of clinical settings

Alfa Wassermann Alera – Chemistry Analyzer

The ACE Alera system is the proven, high-performance, low-maintenance chemistry analyzer capable of improving patient care and your bottom line. The ACE Alera clinical chemistry system serves a wide variety of chemistry diagnostic needs with the power of a large floor model analyzer in an easily integrated and economizing compact footprint of a bench-top model.

Beckman Biomek 2000 – Chemistry Analyzer

The Beckman Coulter Biomek 2000 is a Laboratory Automation Workstation designed to address rapid changes in life science technologies. Having a modular platform, the Biomek 2000 widens system capability to include plate washing, plate cooling and heating. Liquid-handling tasks are made simple with the integration of intelligent automation in this system. Automation of several procedures including pipetting, diluting and dispensing operations keep work process quick and easy.

Beckman Biomek 3000 – Chemistry Analyzer

As the world of discovery races ever faster, you need a partner who can put you on the fast track. So our constant focus is on providing tools and solutions to help accelerate your research. That's why our Biomek 3000 Laboratory Automation Workstation offers a liquid handling platform that's as advanced as it is flexible. By integrating all aspects of liquid handling into a single, automated system, Biomek 3000 delivers unparalleled flexibility, expandability and performance

Beckman CX4 – Chemistry Analyzer

Floor model analyzer. Allows programming of 24 different chemistries at a throughput of over 200 tests per hour. automatic loading and unloading of 10 cup sample sectors. The Beckman CX-4 is a fully automated and computer controlled chemistry instrument designed for the in vitro quantitative determination of a number of clinical chemistries in serum, plasma, urine and CSF samples. Features of the Beckman CX-4 include 24 photometric chemistry determinations, a throughput of up to 225 tests/hr and 525 tests/hr with ISE module, on-board reagent stability of 30 days once opened, complete compatibility with other CX systems, refrigerated storage for 24 chemistries and bar coded calibrators and controls.

Beckman CX5 – Chemistry Analyzer

The Beckman Synchron CX5 Delta Clinical System is capable of streamlining tedious and time-consuming laboratory processes. Provided with simplified system operation, users can take advantage of the advanced sample handling features and minimal system preparation offered by this model. Designed with Beckman’s Ion Selective Electrode Electrolyte Technology, the Synchron CX5 Delta analyzer optimises test throughput.

Beckman CX7 – Chemistry Analyzer

Beckman Synchron CX7 DELTA Clinical Systems are designed with comprehensive capabilities, allowing instrument technicians to take full control of testing procedures. CX7 chemistry analyzers can deliver 900 test results in an hour. Reliable STAT analysis of critical menu chemistries including Glucose, Calcium and Total Protein are produced in less than a minute from sample aspiration.