Abbott Architect i1000SR – Immunology Analyzer

The ARCHITECT i1000SR® analyzer is one of the immunoassay members of the ARCHITECT Family of Instruments, sharing all the proven benefits of other members of the Family. The system is designed for lower – mid volume laboratories and for integration with the c4000 chemistry analyzer. The i1000SR® offers labs the agility to free them from their everyday workload issues

Abbott Architect i2000SR – Immunology Analyzer

ARCHITECT i2000SR can be integrated with the ARCHITECT c8000 or ARCHITECT c16000 to consolidate clinical chemistry and immunoassay on one platform. Two i2000SRs can be connected to form a high-speed i4000SR.

Abbott Architect i4000SR – Immunology Analyzer

The ARCHITECT i4000SR immunoassay analyzer is one of the latest members of the ARCHITECT Family of instruments, sharing all the proven benefits of other members of the Family. The system is designed for high-speed immunoassay testing with increased sample and reagent capacity

Abbott Axsym – Immunology Analyzer

The Abbott Axsym is designed to meet the accuracy and precision requirements of clinical laboratories. Capable of running 80 up to 120 tests per hour, this Abbott immunoassay analyzer system handles applications for medium volume clinical laboratories. The Abbott Axsym enables the simultaneous performance of various immunodiagnostic tests, and the addition of tests during runs. This Abbott immunoassay analyzer uses three technologies, namely fluorescence polarization immunoassay, microparticle enzyme immunoassay and the new ion-capture immunoassay.

Abbott Axsym Plus – Immunology Analyzer

Abbott AxSym Plus, manufactured by Abbott Diagnostics, is a high capacity and reliable chemistry analyzer. AxSYM Plus provides cutting-edge ergonomics and smart new features that mean increased ease-of-use, enhanced reliability and greater user-friendliness. Also, advanced hardware and software upgrades provide high-integrity results with less operator intervention. The AxSYM processes up to 120 tests per hour while providing continuous access, random access, and STAT processing with a broad testing menu. AxSYM allows medium volume clinical laboratories to process a variety of immunodiagnostic tests simultaneously, as well as adding tests while the instrument is running.

Abbott I STAT 1 – Immunology Analyzer

This revolutionary, handheld analyzer provides reliable test results in just minutes, using as little as two drops of blood and a test cartridge.

Beckman Access 2 – Immunology Analyzer

With an intuitive operator interface, enhanced sample handling and innovative menu, the state-of-the-art Access 2 system delivers high levels of laboratory efficiency, standardization and cost effectiveness. A broad menu of high quality assays from Beckman Coulter, plus new, productivity-enhancing features on the Access 2 offer laboratories a flexible option for immunoassay testing.

Beckman Immage – Immunology Analyzer

The IMMAGE Immunochemistry System gives you four proven, high-performance detection technologies to perform accurate testing for specific proteins. It also delivers a wealth of high-efficiency capabilities that allow your laboratory to streamline its operations and increase its throughput. This high-productivity design enables numerous functions to be performed simultaneously in each five-second system cycle, including calibration, sample processing and analysis, sample and/or reagent pipetting and cuvette washing

Beckman Immage 800 – Immunology Analyzer

With the IMMAGE 800, your laboratory can take advantage of a fast and cost-effective solution for disease state diagnosis and monitoring. The IMMAGE 800 delivers innovative technology and a broad test menu, which offers outstanding protein measurement. Plus, with enhanced User Defined Reagent (UDR) capability, your lab has access to all the analytes you need on an easy-to-use system.

Beckman Synchron Lxi 725 – Immunology Analyzer

The SYNCHRON LX®i 725 Clinical System revolutionizes the way clinical laboratories integrate testing and the way they think about the process improvement. With the LX®i 725, your laboratory can consolidate virtually all of your testing from a single tube - to a single point of entry - on a fully integrated, fully automated workstation.

Beckman Unicel DxC 600i – Immunology Analyzer

With up to 50 reagents on-board, the UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay System enables you have the flexibility to run both routine and specialized tests with amazing simplicity. The DxI® 600 allows laboratories to decrease process steps and improve turn around time - with astounding ease of use. The DxI 600 uses the same reagents as other UniCel Access systems, so your laboratory can deliver consistent patient results, no matter which Beckman Coulter immunoassay system performs the test.

Beckman Unicel Dxi 800 – Immunology Analyzer

The UniCel DxI 800 is the latest addition to Beckman Coulter’s family of immunoassay systems. The system processes up to 400 tests per hour. With exceptional throughput, proven chemiluminescent technology, assay protocols similar to other analyzers in the family, you can simplify and automate your immunoassay testing.

BioMerieux Mini Vidas – Immunology Analyzer

The mini VIDAS is an ideal immunoassay analyzer for the physician office lab and could generate significant profits for your practice.

BioMerieux Vidas – Immunology Analyzer

Designed to Last, Improved Design for Increased User Comfort, Timeless VIDAS Values, and unique values with a stylish-design puts VIDAS in a class of its own .

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Provue – Immunology Analyzer

This analyzer helps eliminate labor-intensive, time-consuming processes and increases productivity through random access, discrete testing and continuous throughput. The unit enhances process control with dispense verification, bar-code tracking from start to finish and multilevel password protection. Analyzer features GEL Test™ technology, which can standardize your blood bank´s complete menu of testing.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros ECi – Immunology Analyzer

In addition to random access and continuous process operation, the VITROS ECi Immunodiagnostic System features an AUTOFLEX™ module that supports automatic dilution and automatic reflex testing. The system's test menu is built around disease states. The expanding portfolio of ECi assays now includes: thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which features third-generation sensitivity, free T4 (FT4), free T3 (FT3), thyroxine (TT4), triiodothyronine (TT3), total T3 Uptake (T3U), estradiol (E2), luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), prolactin (Prl), progesterone (Prog), ferritin (FERR), CK-MB (CKMB), testosterone, cortisol, Ntx, B12, folate, PSA, CA 15-3™, CA 125 II™ and CEA.